Broadband Holdings had its beginnings in 2000 as a low voltage contractor servicing customers in the desert southwest. It’s knowledgeable installers and reputation for quality work soon attracted the attention of Qwest Communications (now Centurylink.) Before long, the company was Qwest’s premier MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units) installation, maintenance and service installer.

Today, Broadband Holdings provides low voltage services, primarily video and data, to commercial property owners throughout the United States. While customers range from commercial accounts (bars, restaurants, etc.) to institutional accounts (hotels, assisted living, etc.), the primary focus is Multi- Dwelling properties.

In the MDU space, we partner with DirecTV to offer video services. Today, our company is one of DirecTV’s largest dealers with hundreds of properties and thousands of subscribers. Our company sits on DirecTV’s Dealer Advisory Council and is frequently called upon by DirecTV for their most important installations including DirecTV corporate offices and, most recently, the headquarters of AT&T.

For Data, the Broadbandholdings partners with a number of ISPs to offer redundant Internet services. Cable/DSL providers typically only offer their own brand; if and when their service goes down, customers suffer.

As an independent supplier, we are able to offer higher levels of reliability by offering redundant service from more than one supplier.

Through our offices in Phoenix, we are able to support our customers across the United States.